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RG Dev' January 2018

RG Dev' January 2018

Published on : 09/01/2018
Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!

Release Note from January

A promise is a promise so let's start 2018 with a load of awesome features coming straight from the RG Lab!

1 - Background Operations

Following up on from our Status Page which goal is to give you an overview on our services availability, we now offer the possibility to follow the progress status of certain types of actions that you ordered the Dashboard to proceed to.

You asked for a software inventory export or for a custom script deplyment? You can now check on your Dashboard the progress of the background operations and their final status, Done or Error.

More types of actions to come :)

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2 - Multi-policy backup management

You can now define several backup policies on a node or an agent. For instance, you can decide to back up your .db files every hour but to back up only every day your local disks.

If you want to proceed to a Backup Now, you can choose which policy you want to back up. When it comes to restore, the backup chart displays the state of all policies, and each separated policy backup chart can be checked on the menu Data > Backup.

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3 - Automation & Third Party Apps

The Automation feature has evolved and enables you to perform a new type of action: HTTP Request. This action allows to receive an API notification when an event is created on the RG back office. For instance, this action enables you to quickly and easily interface your third party softwares with events coming from RG, such as creating a ticket.

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4 - Increasing the maintenance duration

The maintenance duration of your machines can now be set up to 1 year thanks to the "Schedule a maintenance" button.

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5 - Restorable Data VS Billable Data

A new information is now displayed on the backup section of you Dashboard: the restorable data volume. When the restorable data volume shows the total backed up data volume that can be restored, the billable data volume shows the actual data volume that will be billed. Avamar's global deduplication technology enables you to get a billable data volume inferior to the restorable data volume :)

Leanr more about backup features.  

6 - A better communication on your Dashboard unavailabilities

At RG System, communication is essential. First between our team members, but most of all with our community. With this in mind, we decided to embed a live chat on our Dashboard several years ago, and more recently we implemented the Status Page. And that's why we decided to reinforce communication on our Dashboard. But don't worry, the idea here is not to communicate about every little thing that happens and therefore to make your interface look like a Christmas tree. From now on, information banners will appear from time to time to inform you of a temporary unavailability - when we perform maintenance for instance - in addition to the communication we already perform through the Status Page.

7 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • on the pedigree node page, the installation date format is now displayed according to the Dashboard language, and not systematically following the American format month/day/year;
  • there are no longer duplicated data in the consumption export from a node.


Check out the full version of this RG Dev' issue!


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