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RG System benefits

Installation in less than 5 minutes

Installation in less than 5 min

The RG agent is setup quickly on the equipment to monitor and offers a default configuration so that you can start working immediatly.
100% Saas

100% SaaS

RG System solutions are reachable from anywhere, as long as an Internet connexion is available. That's also why the SaaS model is so interesting!
US Based

U.S. Based

RG System Team is based in the U.S. and in Canada, therefore our sales and support people are always available to guide you and answer your questions.  Moreover, our solutions are natively in English.
No contrat, no commitment

No contract, no commitment

With RG System you are free as a bird! You can test the solutions for free for 30 days, adjust the number of agents installed depending on your needs and even stop using our services whenever you want.
All-in-one Dashboard

All-in-one Dashboard

Thanks to RG Dashboard, you monitor, backup, secure and manage your business from one and only interface!
Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

RG Dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use. Whether you are server administrator, account manager or read only user, it is very easy to use the interface, to set parameters and to understand the data displayed.
Participative Roadmap

Participative Roadmap

RG System solutions are developed by our Team to answer your specific needs. You take part actively in our roadmap while telling us which features you want us to develop, and the RG community can then vote to decide which one are going to be developed with higher priority!
Multi-tenant tree view

Multi-tenant tree view

It is really easy to organise your infrastructure as you wish, and handling several sites becomes a child's play!
Agile/SCRUM Development

Agile/Scrum Development

As an Agile startup, we chose to apply the Scrum methodology to our development that is organised as sprints of 2 weeks.  
Live chat support

Live Chat Support

In addition to the traditional phone calls and emails, our Support Team is always available via chat to guide you or to answer any of your questions.
30 days free trial

30 days free trial

Before you choose our solutions, you can try them for free for 1 month while enjoying every single feature. This is without any commitment, and the best way to make your choice!
Pay as you use

Pay as you use

With RG System you only pay what you use, which means you only pay for the agents installed on your infrastructure. Nothing else.
News every 2 weeks

News every 2 weeks

We make available at the end of each sprint the features we developped for the past 2 weeks.
Auto update

Auto update

As soon as a new feature is availble, it is automatically pushed to your Dashboard, no action is needed from you!
Mobile App

Mobile App

Bring your Dashboard whenever you go thanks to the RG mobile app available on iOS and Android stores!

Dashboard Branding

Choose the branding option: from the simple logo to the full White Label offer, enjoy a Dashboard that looks like your brand!

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