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RG System, from startup to market leader

Our vision

Offer an alternate solution on the ITSM market

Given the fact that existing solutions were either comprehensive - but expensive and difficult to use - or free - but lacked features and were still not that easy to use - we decided to launch 10 years ago an alternate RMM solution, web based, intuitive, user-friendly and affordable.
The evolution of the ITSM market and the current digital transition that have profoundly changed the IT infrastructure manager activity also led us to a three sided analysis that reinforced our motivation. There are still way too many different tools to answer the growing needs of the IT departments that not only lack human resources but also are forced to deal with increasingly hybrid IT infrastructures: the need for simplicity has never been so true.

Our philosophy

Make IT Easy!

We believe in simplicity, generalization and accessibility of IT tools. Who said an IT management software had to be complex to be efficient? And that's the cliché we decided to fight against when we launched RG System in 2008.
10 years later, our motivation remains the same. We still want to offer MSPs, integrators and software developers like us a solution that will make their daily activity easier and that will enable them to focus on the high added-value projects they care about.

Our values


That's the imagination and the innovation showed by RG System founders that enable us today to offer our customers a reliable solution that stands out thanks to its challenging and groundbreaking technological choices.


RG System, it's a human adventure that keeps on existing throughout the years, and it's today a team of 20 bonded people who are all working together to achieve the same goal, no matter the expertise of each one of them. #TeamRG


To be happy to wake up in the morning is great. To be happy to wake up to go to work is priceless. And that's this enthusiasm that motivates us every day to outdo ourselves to offer our clients an irreproachable and qualitative solution.


Be attentive and collect your needs enable us to deliver high quality solution, service and user experience.


Agility, RG's true DNA, is our vehicle for growth that allow us to go fast, question our choices and develop our solution at the pace of our customers needs.


OK, that might sound a bit weird in a professional environment but at RG, we love each other! #TeamRG4Ever

The RG Team

Alex Elanko RG System


Area Sales Manager

Game of Thrones fan, the Canadian cold made him understand what "Winter is coming" truly means. 
Alicia Lacombe-Battesti RG System


EMEA Sales Manager

Originally from Corsica, Alicia is passionate about skiing and running! Great curious, she loves travel and discover new cultures!LinkedIn
Arnaud Lopez RG System


Product Manager & PO

Technologies and startup lover, he dedicates his life creating beautiful products you will love! #toomuchRGloveLinkedIn
Benoit Boivin RG System


Developer & Scrum Master

Keen on new technologies, video games and bananas. Actually he is a robot but shh, don't tell him...
Benoit Balzola RG System



Huge Francis Cabrel fan, owns a big dog whose favorite hobby is to eat any socks he can find.
Coraline Humbert RG System


MSP Specialist Africa

Fascinated by the arabe culture and the old-fashioned Hip-Hop music, she is also passionate about the amber colored sparkles of rosé.
Christophe BENNOURINE RG System


Web Developer

"Saw light, came in." This curious man is also a fan of Zelda III: big up to the teenagehood of our collaborator Benoît!
Edouard Cole RG System



The man who knows it all, who helps everyone and most of all who is responsible for your Dashboard quality #God
Elie Guillemet RG System


ISV & Integrator Specialist

Man of challenge from Ardeche, Elie is an outgoing person who loves soccer and most of all the OL!
Gregory Cladera RG System



""Freedom has a price, it is known as Success!". Well, he also is The Boss, and he plays tambourin... Not kidding...
Jessica Sanchez RG System


Support Technician

True film lover, she loves the authenticity of VO movies and makes movie theaters her second home!
Joachim Gueriche RG System


MSP Specialist

Huge soccer fan! Thinks that if you want to reach you goals, you focus on the means, not on the excuses to fail.
Julie Colomby RG System


Marketing Officer

Lives in a world of Care Bears where kitten are sooo cute and thinks she is the last beer drinker unicorn alive...
Julien Veret RG System


Sales Area Manager

Huge fan of all kinds of sport, he loves watching Netflix during winter: perfect combo for someone who lives in Canada :)
Margot Geny RG System


MarCom Assistant

#BriveLaGaillarde #Montpellier #Cheese #Wine #Beer #Frenchy #AlpineSkiing #Hashtag
Maxime BERTRAND RG System


Web Developer

Unconditional fan of first generation pokémon, he loves music and Kotaro Oshio, a Japanese guitarist that nobody knows...
Pierre Tarradas RG System


Global Sales Manager

Loves adrenaline, spending good time with friends, listen to Lenny Kravitz but most of all have a glass of red wine while eating cheese!
Rémi Pascaud RG System



Super Dad, unconditional Doctor Who fan and failed underwater hunter (fishes are so grateful buddy...).
Sebastien Geay RG System



While being keen on binge watching, this old Kid Chameleon likes to revitalize himself with his family in a lost corner of the countryside.
Sebastien Seguier RG System


Support Manager

Unconditional fan of The Walking Dead who wishes he could travel through time to go and see what the future looks like.
Sigolène Martin RG System


Executive Assistant

Born in Lyon but her heart belongs in Montpellier where she can enjoy mojitos at the beach, but only when tourists are not around!
Soizic PERRAIS RG System


Test, acceptance and validation manager

surf fan, she likes have her hair in the wind and follow her favorite photographers on Instagram
Tiffany Vissouze RG System



Guitar player and gamer, challenges anyone to Mortal Kombat while being the flower that brightens up our world full of dev!
Tommy Sanch RG System


MSP Specialist

Not underage (quite unexpectedly), soccer player, Catalan and proud of it! Likes beer - like any basic RG colleague - and to party!
Valentin Javaux RG System


Support Technician

Drinks literally litres of Coca Cola, likes to watch TV shows but most of all to balance stuff on his nose! #whoarewehiring
Virgile Cabane RG System



LOL player, like to have beers with friends and when he gets tired after a long day coding, starts imitating any kind of accents!

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