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The best backup technology
to secure your data

Backup and restore your customers' data may be one of the most critical concern for your activity. Thanks to RG System and Dell EMC Avamar embedded technology, your customers benefit from a reliable and secure solution, and you practice your activity worry-free!
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Data Backup and Restore features RG System

Simplify and automate data backup and restore

Thanks to RG's backup module and its embedded global deduplication technology, you free yourself from data volumetry to save, satured bandwidth and backup windows limitations! You backup quickly and easily what you want, when you want, where you want. And because you deal with RG System, it goes without saying that all of it is commitment free, from an intuitive interface and at a highly competitive price.

Backup as much as you want

What if you were told that the more you backup, the more you save money? Thanks to Dell EMC Avamar global deduplication technology, you will never backup the same data twice. A complete backup is first processed, then an incremental backup is run and will save only file blocs that have been modified since the last backup. Backup time is reduced dramatically, as is externalized data volume and therefore bandwidth use. Don't take any risk, you've been warned.
Data Backup and Restore features Dell EMC Avamar deduplication RG System
Hybrid data backup feature BaaS RG System

Enjoy an hybrid backup model adjustable to your needs

RG System is THE solution that enable you to backup data as you want, on any types of supports, whether they are physical or virtual. Our models adapt to your needs: BaaS (Backup as a Service), on-premise, orchestration or all of it at the same time; with RG System, any combination is possible to ensure maximum protection and accessibility of your data!

Get optimum security level

The average cost of an IT disaster is $100,000 per hour. We can only emphasize the importance of having a secure data backup solution that allows the activity to be resumed as quickly as possible. Before being backed up, data is compressed and encrypted via the FIPS140-2 protocol to ensure maximum security. The datacenters where data are stored respect TIERS III best practices. And if a backup job does not run as expected, the RG Dashboard alerts you in real time and 24/7 so you can implement the necessary corrective actions! Thanks to these elements, RG's backup module sets up an efficient Disaster Recovery Plan, allowing you to quickly restore the lost data, reducing significantly the disastrous consequences of an IT disaster.
Data backup feature security RG System

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