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RG Backup, the hybrid data backup

Thanks to RG Backup and its embedded deduplication technology, free yourself from data volumetry to save, satured bandwidth and backup windows limitations! You backup quickly and easily what you want, when you want, where you want. And because you deal with RG System, it goes without saying that all of it is commitment free, from an intuitive interface and at a highly competitive price.

Making backup accessible to everyone

By developing RG Backup, we made possible to democratize the excellence of Avamar technology for every type of business: from small companies working with an MSP to major accounts daily dealing with thousands of backups, including the SMB whose CIO manages backups internally. 

Backup your data safely

The average cost of an IT disaster is $100,000 per hour. We can only emphasize the importance of having a secure data backup solution that allows the activity to be resumed as quickly as possible. Before being backed up by RG Backup, data is compressed and encrypted via the FIPS140-2 protocol to ensure maximum security. The datacenters where data are stored respect TIERS III best practices. And if a backup job does not run as expected, the RG Dashboard alerts you in real time and 24/7 so you can implement the necessary corrective actions! Thanks to these elements, RG Backup sets up an efficient Disaster Recovery Plan, allowing you to quickly restore the lost data, reducing significantly the disastrous consequences of an IT disaster.

A fully automated backup solution

Unlike other data backup solutions, the RG Backup agent is remotely installed on your fleet’s machines and is operational in less than 5 minutes. No need to take a remote hand on each machine one after the other, our multi-tenancy tree allows to install the RG Backup agent on all your workstations and servers in one single click. Once the deployment, retention and scheduling policy are configured, your backups autonomously run in a timely fashion without disturbing the end user or slowing down your systems. Your attention is only requested in the case of a failed backup job, which will then be notified by email and/or SMS 24/7 within seconds of the incident. It goes the same way for the restore that is done in one click from the RG Dashboard to the original folder or any other folder that you are free to choose. 

Unique deduplication technology

RG Backup embeds AVAMAR unique deduplication technology patented by Dell EMC. Backup time is reduced dramatically, as is externalized data volume and therefore bandwidth use.
Deduplication means you will never backup the same data twice because redundant data are being removed. A complete backup is first processed, then an incremental backup is run and will save only file blocs that have been modified since the last backup. As files are divided into several blocs, if a modification is made to a specific file, RG Backup will backup the file bloc that have been modified, and that bloc only.
Deduplication process

RG Backup features

Learn more about RG Backup main features.
Technical info given for information purpose only, some of EMC Avamar specs might not apply to RG Backup.

Automatic backup

Once set up, your RG Backup online backups are completed without you having to worry about it. You restore at once and in a timely fashion data that are completly and daily backed up.

Bare Metal Recovery

The Bare Metal Recovery feature for Cloud data backup fully backs up a machine as it is so that you perform a full restore in case of data loss and therefore gain a tremendous amount of time when it comes to your Disaster Recovery plan.

Unique deduplication

Thanks to this unique technology developed and patented by EMC, the time it takes to back up data is reduced up to 90% and network bandwidth up to 99%!

Disaster Recovery

RG System helps you go through a critical incident and enables you to implement and succeed your disaster recovery plan in the blink of an eye. With RG System, you decrease downtime and money loss.

Multi OS

Environnements taken care of: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, SUSE Linux, SCO Unix, Red Hat Linux (RHEL), entOs, Free BSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Iomega, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris.

Multi application

Applications taken care of: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Oracle, Oracle RAC, SAP, Sybase, NDMP for NAS Filers, IBM DB2, IBM Lotus Domino.

Total safety

Any data backed up via RG Backup is subjected to a FIPS140-2 encryption process while being transferred in order to ensure safety. Better than a simple tape backup, huh?

Unequaled compression

Thanks to its embedded global deduplication technology, RG Backup data compression ratio is impressive. Storage capacity on disk can be reduced up to 95%!

Real time alerts

You are alerted by email and/or SMS if something goes wrong with your RG VBox and if your backup jobs are incomplete or failed.

RG Backup operating process

RG Backup is THE solution that enables you to backup data in total freedom, on any type of support, physical or virtual. Full Online, Box to Cloud, Box to Box and so on… any combination is possible!

Full Online

Data is backed up directly on the Cloud, it doesn't go through any other kind of appliance.

Box to Cloud

Data are backed up on premise in a RG VBox then duplicated into the Cloud for more safety. You can even specify backup destination depending on the customers needs. Need a specific backup for medical data? Choose an HDS certified datacenter. Data you backup are sensitive? Choose ultra securing of Luxembourg datacenters. You want your data to remain on the U.S. territory? Back them up in a U.S. sovereign cloud.

Box to Box

Data are backed up on premise on 2 RG VBox that can be several miles apart. They communicate with each other and exchange data backed up in each one of them. Therefore, if one of them gets damaged, data can be restored from the second RG VBox.

Cloud to Box

Data are backed up in the Cloud then duplicated in a RG VBox so that you always keep a physical copy with you.

Cloud to Cloud

You can even duplicate your data in several different Clouds!
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