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RG Supervision, the SaaS network management solution


The first SaaS server monitoring solution

RG Supervision is a SaaS network management solution that gives you insights on your infrastructure servers and workstations health status. Once the agent is installed on the equipment to monitor, which takes less than 5 minutes, it is able to provide you with real time data: disks status, memory usage, backup jobs status, antivirus status and so on. This data is then analyzed and displayed as charts on a unique Dashboard.
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100% SaaS monitoring

With RG Supervision you don't install any licence on your equipment but you enjoy a service hosted on our servers. Therefore you benefit from a solution available anytime, anywhere. You are also able to cut human, hardware and financial costs caused by maintenance and setting up. Plus, you pay as you use, invoicing is tied to your needs, and there is no commitment!
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Alerting, Ticketing, Reporting

With RG Supervision you are alerted in real time 24/7 if any critical incident is threatening your infrastructure or your clients. Every alert is turned into a ticket that you can manage directly from your Dashboard. Custom activity reports can be sent to your clients, so that you can communicate about the quality of your service and your SLA.
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RG Supervision features

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to install

The agent get installed on your computer and server in less than 5 minutes. You’re then ready to go!

100% SaaS

As a SaaS software, RG System is a light solution that doesn’t install on your computer. We put at your disposal our service that is available anywhere as long as you get an Internet connexion.

Real time monitoring

You benefit from a constant real time overview of the networks monitored: status of the workstations and servers plugins, alerts that need to be taken care of, status of backups and antivirus etc.


According to your custom settings, you will receive 24/7 alerts by email and/or text message related to incidents that occur on servers, workstations, devices and so on.


Every alert creates a support ticket identified by a unique number. With this ticket, you can track implemented corrective actions and search through archived tickets. End users can also create user tickets that are directly sent to their support team.

Remote Access

You can control the servers and workstations you manage anytime with our LogMeIn® Pro integration.


Add value to your services by sending activity reports to your customers every day, every week or every month. They are automatically generated and customized to your brand image.


Based on the ReactEngine™ technology developped by the RG Team, the Automation enables you to setup curative actions that will be triggered by specific events, in order to allow automatic incident resolution.

Mobile App

Use our newly redesigned mobile app available on iOS and Android markets to access your dashboard from anywhere!


Give complete or restricted access to the end users on the different nodes of your multi-tenant tree view: server administrator, account manager, technical manager, customer or read only.

Custom Scripts

You can launch custom scripts to check on any monitored machine if a specific file exists, execute WMI queries, submit SQL queries via ODBC and so on. You can also display the result of your Custom Scripts as graphs, export it and set specific alerts.

Patch Manager

You can update directly from your dashboard servers and workstations that run Microsoft Windows OS, and choose to deploy in one click critical updates only, optional updates only or both. More software to come.

How RG System works

How agents that are installed on devices to monitor communicate with the Dashboard? It is all explained below! How RG System works