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RG Security, the antimalware protection


Secure your infrastructure with RG Security

Totally embedded in the RG Dashboard, RG Security protects monitored environments against any form of intrusion: virus, malware, phishing… The benefits: a powerful firewall, the possibility to customize the web content controller and the famous Bitdefender® antivirus, leader in antimalware protection. It only takes one click to deploy the security agent on your infrastructure to protect your equipment from any malicious attack.

Antivirus plugin improvement

Thanks to RG Security, you benefit from additional info about the health status of your Bitdefender® antivirus: first quick scan date, last full scan date and quarantine status. You are also alerted if a virus is detected and put in quarantine, you handle security policies and you can add to your activity reports a global overview of your infrastructure status from an antiviral point of view.
Antivirus plugin improvement

RG Security features

Learn more about the main features of our antimalware solution.


You benefit from Bitdefender® protection, antivirus that uses top security technologies and that is recognized by independent tests organizations. You are protected against softwares and malicious programs attacks.

Real time alerts

You receive 24/7 real time alerts by emails and/or text messages if a virus is detected and quarantined by RG Security.


RG Supervision activity reports are improved thanks to data collected by RG Security. You can add a Security section to them and therefore get a global overview of your network from an antimalware point of view.

Security Policies

Our team expertise enables us to offer you a RG policy by default. You can also choose to customize this policy and even create your own to adapt it to your specific needs and those of the users.


RG Security protects you against emails and fake websites that try to collect your personal data. Your data are being kept safe.

Exchange Security

Thanks to RG Security, you can protect your Microsoft Exchange servers. Therefore you are sure the emails and their attachments remain confidential and whole. (Optional)

Web content control

Internet browsing is also secured thanks to an advanced Web filter system that uses Search Advisor technology. You can still grant a special access to specific websites – social networks for instance – to users who need it.

Firewall included

You are sure that your security policy applies to your whole network and blocks any non-authorized communication.

Immediate deployment

RG Security agent installs instantaneously on all workstations and servers. It will also uninstall any other antivirus solution already installed in order to avoid any conflicts.
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