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Activity reports

Enjoy custom activity reports to communicate on your performance!


Custom reports

Because you need to report the quality of your work towards your customers and colleagues, RG Supervision offers custom activity reports so that you can emphasize the essential: servers availability rate, handled tickets ratio over a period, backup jobs status, disks status, Microsoft Windows updates status and any other info you might need to show. Custom reports

Main info in the blink of an eye

RG Supervision activity reports offer a visual overview of your infrastructure status over a period, from a day to a quarter. Automatic sendings can also be scheduled at regular intervals to help you save time. Activity report
Example of the Tickets page of your activity reports. Ticket page
Example of backup jobs on your activity reports. Backup jobs
Example of Microsoft Windows updates and availability rate on your activity reports.

Branding options

RG Supervision activity reports can be branded to match your corporate image! Contact us to learn more about branding options!