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Thanks to a powerful and customizable alerting system, RG Supervision makes sure you are alerted anytime if critical incidents are threatening your infrastructure.

Your RG Supervision Dashboard lets you know by email an/or SMS if a problem that requires your attention is needed, according to a communication plan defined beforehands. Therefore you are reactive and able to implement necessary corrective actions.


You can trigger one or several alerts on each plugin and set:
  • the criticity level
  • the alert threshold
  • the alert duration
  • switch on the scaling level

The whole configuration can be custom for each alert of each plugin. You decide what is essential for you. Alerts

Communication plan

The communication plan enables you to set the time slots you want to be alerted on and the communication channels you want to use. You offer your customers to be on-call on weekends? The person in charge of the duty will receive alerts on saturdays and/or sundays. You travel a lot? You can receive SMS alerts on your mobile and therefore be alertes on critical incidents while you are away. And of course this is totally free of charge! Communication plan