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Custom Scripts

Create, execute and run your own custom scripts via your RG Supervision Dashboard

You can go further in the monitoring of your infrastructure and run custom scripts. The RG Team expertise enables us to provide you with examples, and thanks to our participative roadmap, you can also make your own suggestions!

Infinite possibilities

You can easily search for a file on a workstation, execute WMI or SQL queries, execute a DOS command, make queries in the Microsoft Windows registry and so on. Your imagination is the only limit! Infinite possibilities

Data and Charts

Depending on the custom script type, you enjoy a data table of comparable chart result. Data and Charts

Custom Script export

The result of your RG Supervision custom scripts can also be exported as different formats - XLS, CSV, PDF and so on - so that you can analyze them as you want. Custom Script export

Alerts on Custom Script

You can also set alerts to be alerted if defined threshold are exceeded! You configure the terms of the expression and an alert will be sent by email and/or SMS if the expression conditions are met. Alerts on custom scripts