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Mobile App

Enjoy every single feature of your RG Supervision Dashboard thanks to our mobile app!

Wherever you are you are always able to answer your clients needs. From the iOS or Android mobile app, you access your Dashboard and you deal with incident tickets. 

Download now the RG System mobile app!


A ticket overview

What you care the most about when you are away is the health status of you infrastructure. Thanks to RG Supervision mobile app, you access straight away the recap of how many tickets are open. Tickets are classified according to their criticity, therefore you see in the blink of an eye which one requires your immediate attention. A ticket overview

Manage a ticket

Once you've accessed the list of tickets, you can open them one by one or process to usual actions: acknowledge the ticket, open the ticket or close it. Manage a ticket

Access the agents pedigree

You can access each agent pedigree: name, date and time of last communication, OS and so on. In addition, you also benefit from a direct access to each plugin tickets (heartbeat, disks, processor, memory and so on). Therefore you can solve every issue related to the same agent in the blink of an eye! Access the agents pedigree

Remote maintenance and control

Thanks to RG System mobile app, you can remote control your agents while on a trip! Reboot a device or a server has never been so easy! Remote maintenance and control

Charts access

You access the essential info with the charts related to each agent plugins. Charts access