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Real time monitoring

RG Supervision real time monitoring solution enables you to check any time the health status of your network infrastructure.

Your Dashboard is automatically updated every 5 minutes so that it reflects as accurately as possible the status of your infrastructure. Several plugins enable you to get a global overview of your servers, workstations and devices.

You can access the info directly from the overview and as charts in your Dashboard data:


This indicator gives you a simple though essential info: is your agent communicating? You also benefit from the amount of byte transferred by the monitored agent. Heartbeat

Disks and I/O Disks

These plugins let you know how full your disks are. You can also go further and decide to monitor a specific partition. Disks and I/O Disks


The plugin Memory gives you info about the usage level of the physical and virtual memory of your agents and also emphasizes maximum usage rate. Memory


This plugin monitors the global load of your agent processors. Processor


Your Dashboard shows your virus install date and its status, active and up to date. Thanks to RG Security protection option, other info are available: last quick scan date, last full scan date and quarantine status. RG Supervision systematically monitores any antivirus installed on a workstation as well as several antivirus solutions installed on your servers: Trend Micro OfficeScan, Endpoint Security by Bitdefender, Avast!, Eset NOD32, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda Endpoint Protection, Sophos Anti-Virus, Symantec Endpoint etc. Antivirus


Thanks to the Network plugin network boards traffic of monitored machines is analyzed and displayed on your Dashboard. Network


RG Supervision monitors Application, Security and System logs depending on the agent OS, Microsoft Windows or Linux. Events


Every single Microsoft Windows service is analyzed by RG Supervision Dashboard. Our expertise enables us to offer a by default monitoring template but you can always create your own list of services to monitor. Service


RG Supervision enables you to check the status of backup softwares installed on your infrastructure! Therefore you are alerted if a backup job doesn't go as planned and you can then implement corrective actions to make sure you data is being kept safe. Several backup softwares are monitored by RG Supervision: for workstations - Clurk, Eurobackup, Beemo Technologie and of course our own backup solution RG Backup - and for servers Windows Backup, Symantec BackupExec, Symantec System Recovery, Veeam Backup, AGS Backup, Acronis Backup & Recovery, Wooxo, IASO Backup, Backup Assist, CTera, ARCServe etc. Backup

User ticket

Users who benefit from an RG agent installed on their equipment can send directly through the Tray Icon a message to their helpdesk service to let them know they are facing an issue. This message is automatically saved and displayed on the Dashboard as a user ticket. User ticket


The Process plugin shows for each monitored agent which process is running and its status, started or stopped.  Process


This plugin allows you to test if a machine is communicating via a PING request, to test websites answers via HTTP/HTTPS requests and to check the devices - switch, routers, printers and so on - communication via SNMP requests. NetActions


Thanks to the Exchange plugin, you monitor the amount of messages sent and received, and the queue size of your Microsoft Exchange servers. Exchange


RG Supervision enables you to monitor any virtual machine replicated with Microsoft Hyper-V Replica technology.

Custom Scripts

Thanks to our Custom Script plugin, you can run your own scripts, get the result as a datasheet or charts, export the result and even set alerts. Custom Scripts