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Remote Access

Thanks to RG Supervision and LogMeIn Pro 2, you can remote control servers and workstations of your infrastructure for free!

Remote access
RG Supervision Dashboard embeds LogMeIn Pro, the leader remote access solution. In one click, you control the machine on which an incident has been detected and therefore you are able to act quickly to solve the issue, without moving from your office! You can assess the Microsoft Windows registry, reboot a server, restart a service, maximize the disk space, as if you were in front of the controlled computer.

You save a precious time you can therefore allocate to other customers or value added missions you are in charge of. This is without taking into account additional costs of an on site trip, especially as LogMeIn Pro is offered for free by RG System. Thanks to RG Supervision and LogMeIn, you strengthen your support and services offered to you customers, without any additional investment! 

In addition to remote control, LogMeIn Pro offers the following features:
  • easy and secured files transfer
  • smooth remote control on 2 computers
  • remote printing
  • HD audio and video streaming