Enjoy a unified ITSM solution for more proactivity and efficiency

Enjoy a unified ITSM solution for more proactivity and efficiency

Published on : 04/06/2018 04 juin Juin 2018

Groupe Delta was looking for an easy-to-use and centralized solution to grant visibility on monitored IT infrastructures to its team

Actor on the market for 25 years Groupe Delta offers IT, documentation and printing solutions to SMBs, local authorities and associations. Groupe Delta chose RG System to maximize iis customers' IT management thanks to its centralized portal.

Alexandre Loubignac and Julien Boissat explian why they choose to work with RG System.

Main reasons for choosing RG System:

  • easy-to-use and easy-to-use solution
  • unified solution on a centric portal
  • grants overview on customers' IT infrastructures to Groupe Delta's technical teams
  • Benefit from a competitive solution on a highly competitive market

How did you hear about RG System and for how long have you/your customers been using the solution?

Alexandre Loubignac: «We were looking for an IT monitoring solution and our internet researches led us to RG System. Then we met them at IT Partners channel trade show in 2013. And we've been monitoring our customers' IT infrastructures with RG System for 5 years now!»

Which issues are faced with our solution?

Alexandre Loubignac: «The solution RG System answers the problem of data centralization through one unified tool. And this makes a huge difference on a highly competitive market like ours.»
Julien Boissat: «RG System's solution also enables us to implement proactive actions for our customers and, doing so, to maximize their satisfaction.»

Why did you choose RG System?

Alexandre Loubignac: «To choose RG System means to benefit from a relevant RMM tool that is constantly progressing, and to enjoy proximity with the RG teams.»
Julien Boissat: «We chose RG System not only for the solution simplicity of use that encourages our customers' autonomy, but also because we wanted to work with a partner attentive to our needs.»

According to you and your customers, which features stand out and are particularly useful?

Alexandre Loubignac: «Alerting and ticketing features that allow us to be proactive and to guarantee quality in our services.»
Julien Boissat: «The 3 modules RMM, Endpoint Security and Data backup & Restore offered by RG System are useful on a daily basis. The fact that they are gathered on a unified platform represents a real added value, for us and our clients.»

What is the key benefit of our solution?

Alexandre Loubignac: «Data centralization.»
Julien Boissat: «The team dynamism and attentiveness that make RG System a strong and innovative partner.»

How would you describe the relationship with RG System?

Alexandre Loubignac: « Friendly and constructive. »
Julien Boissat: « A team attentive to our needs.»

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