SaaS, BaaS and IaaS: a bilateral partnership between POST Luxembourg and RG System.

SaaS, BaaS and IaaS: a bilateral partnership between POST Luxembourg and RG System.

Published on : 29/08/2017 29 août Août 2017

A two-sided commercial and technological partnership

With the will to adopt a Cloud approach for its IT product portfolio and to offer its customers a new SaaS IT monitoring service, the Luxembourg operator POST Luxembourg turned to RG System solutions starting from 2014 after benchmarking existing European tools. That’s how the win-win partnership started: RG System hosting its infrastructure in POST Luxembourg hyper secured datacenters and RG Supervision being sold as the white label solution PostPilot to Luxembourg customers. 3 years later, this relationship keeps on being strengthened as the data backup solution PostPilot version Avamar is offered to POST Luxembourg customers who can now benefit from a unique Backup as a Service offer. 

Why choosing RG System?

  • To offer the customers a SaaS IT monitoring solution
  • Interested in a pay as you use billing model
  • Need of a European solution to be hosted on POST Luxembourg datacenters
  • A solution easy to deploy and easy to use
  • A user-friendly interface combined with a powerful IT monitoring tool
  • White label branding to sell the solutions to POST Luxembourg customers
  • Diversifying the product portfolio to offer the customers a new high value added service

Solution and benefits

  • A high-tech product but easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface
  • A complete cover of operating systems  – Microsoft Windows, Linux and now Mac OS
  • An IT monitoring solution that also offers major features such as alerting, ticketing, remote control via LogMeIn etc.
  • The successive addition of security and data backup options on a unique interface, options that become other ways for customers to be interested in the global IT management solution
  • The real value added of RG Backup Avamar Backup as a Service delivered exclusively by RG System
  • The possibility to be directly involved in the solution development and evolution thanks to the participative roadmap
  • The partnership that offers proximity, reactivity and the agility that enables POST Luxembourg customers to enjoy bug fixing in a couple of days, for instance
  • The Distributor Trial that maximizes and speeds up the test period, and therefore the sale of the solution
  • A trustworthy relationship with the software editor

“No other competitive software editor knows how to deliver a Backup as a Service solution. That was missing in POST Luxembourg portfolio and on the market, and that’s exactly what is offered by Dell EMC Avamar technology implementation by RG System in its IT management Dashboard”

– Frédéric DEL PINO, Product Manager, POST Luxembourg

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