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Thanks to a single, user friendly and intuitive Dashboard, easily monitor your customers computing components: servers, workstations, switches, routers, printers and so on.

Besides having a view on all of your customers softwares, being proactive, you remotely take control, and you stand out from your competitors thanks to the quality of your service.

Real time

Key indicators of the monitored machines: disks, memory, CPU, antivirus, Windows services etc.

Remote access

Control your managed servers and workstations anytime thanks to LogMeIn Pro 2 integration..

Patch Management

Select and deploy with one click every Windows updates on all monitored machines!(Java and Adobe to come).

Users management

Offer visibility to your customers by giving them access to their own customized Dashboard.


Visualize and export important informations: installation date, model, serial number, OS etc.


Multi-tenant tree view allows you to quickly and easily manage all your customers’ infrastructure.