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Thanks to a unique, ergonomic and intuitive Dashboard, it's easy to monitor your entire infrastructure: servers, workstations, switchs, routers, printers and so on.

Therefore you're able to be proactive toward your customers. You receive real time alerts on failures/thresholds that threaten your infrastructure so you can remotely control your equipment and anticipate any blocking problems. 

Real time

Key indicators of the monitored machines: disks, memory, CPU, antivirus, Windows services etc.

Alerts 24/7

You get real time alerts 24/7 by email and/or SMS about incidents threatening your infrastructure.


Control your managed servers and workstations anytime thanks to LogMeIn Pro 2 integration.


Add value to your services by sending automatically generated customized activity reports to your customers.


Every alert generates a support ticket identified by a unique number. With this ticket, you can track corrective actions.


Multi-tenant tree view allows you to quickly and easily manage all your customers infrastructure.