Enjoy the benefits of a strong and evolving solution

Enjoy the benefits of a strong and evolving solution

Published on : 24/09/2018
Easy Service Informatique is a human-sized, multi-expertise company that offers its services to SMEs in Paris and Île-de-France. One year ago, Easy Service Informatique chose to switch from a competitor's software to RG System's solution. This choice was made to simplify the management of its customers' IT infrastructures. In order to reach its goal - which is to simplify its customers' IT - Easy Service Informatique relies on RG System and especially on its Remote Monitoring & Management module. 

Main reasons for choosing RG System:

  • offer to its customers a truly differentiating solution in a highly-competitive market
  • benefit from a scalable solution
  • benefit from an easy-to-use solution that promotes autonomy and requires very little training
  • take advantage of a responsive and ergonomic interface
  • rely on a highly responsive and efficient technical support
  • take advantage of the full RMM functionalities (alerts, park inventory, ticketing, remote control, etc.)

Solution and benefits

  • a scalable solution that gives the opportunity to its users to submit new functionalities and thus be part of the continuous improvement of the product via the participative roadmap
  • the choice of a French solution that simplifies the relations with the publisher
  • an easy-to-deploy solution
  • an ergonomic interface
  • get a quick and easy inventory of customer's machines
  • Get information about the customers' infrastructures, be able to take action remotly and thus ensure preventive maintenance
  • Simplicity in the way of receiving information
  • a single Dashboard to centralize the various infrastructure management actions
  • Integrated remote control module
  • Full supervision features

"Thanks to RG System's Remote Monitoring & Management module and more particularly to the inventory and real-time alert features, we have switched from a curative to a proactive mode. We thus offer a high value-added service to our customers. In addition, the fact that this software is user-friendly and the quality of support both simplify our work on a daily basis!”
- Piotr DANNAY, Technical Director, Easy Service Informatique.

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